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Do Almonds Use Alot of Water?

Updated: Jun 7

Absolutely not. Look at this chart. Almonds use less water than most other foods and remember when I grow and harvest an almond, I'm producing 3 products: the kernal, the hull (cattle feed) and the shell (many different uses). If you compare almond use of water per gram of protein the results are even better when compared to another populare form of protein, beef. If beef were added to this chart, it would be many feet off the chart. Almond growers like Capay Hills Orchard (we use .82 gal, about 22% less!)) use water less than this chart (almost same as pistachio) and conserve every drop through prdent water management princicles (organic agriculture, microirrrigation, irrigation maintenance, water only when the tree needs it and propagating mycorrhizae; beneficial fungi that help the tree to better source and utilize water and nutrients from the soil). Please share this post with your friends.


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