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Half-Shell Almonds

Half Shell Almonds

These almonds are truly raw, unpasteurized, sproutable, healthy and very tasty! All are Certified
Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Paleo & Keto Friendly and processed in Peanut/Dairy/Soy-free facility. They are harvested in fall and perfectly stored to retain premium flavor. 

In the shelling and sorting process we sometimes get almonds which still have a thin shell on them.
These are available for human, animals, birds or whatever you want. They may be a combination of varieties.

Our almond butter is truly raw. The only ingredient is unpasteurized organic almonds. I use a stone grinder to keep the processing temperature low and preserve the enzymes and their benefits. Food processors tend to heat the nuts up beyond the enzyme survival level.

*REMEMBER to DOUBLE CHECK that the PayPal shopping cart quantity and total reflects your selection, normally 1. 

We are out of stock. New crop will be available Oct 2024.

Only if you are shipping to CA, NV, OR, UT please use code "WESTCOAST" for a $4 discount.

Half-Shell Almonds

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