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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Organic Unpasteurized Raw Almonds Part 4

Updated: Jul 7

A simple internet search for unpasteurized organic almonds will result in several results, but there are critical differences between the businesses.  Here's what to look out for:

  1. Make sure they are California almonds.

  2. Make sure they say the almonds are truly raw and unpasteurized.

  3. Make sure you are working directly with a farmer, not a middle broker or store. Otherwise it is an illegal operation or dishonest at best.

  4. Make sure they indicate they are "certified organic". Anyone can say they are organic, but only certified organic must prove they follow the rules and are inspected by an authorized certifier. Look for the USDA organic certification label. There are many certifiers, but all certified farmer may use the USDA label.

  5. Make sure they harvest onto tarps, not the orchard floor. If they harvest onto the orchard floor there is greater risk of salmonella poisoning in the almonds.

  6. They should explain to you how the almonds are farmed. If they are not a farm, then they won’t know exactly how they are farmed which means they are not the farmer which means they can’t legally sell raw California almonds.


You can buy unpasteurized raw almonds directly from the California farmer at Capay Hills Orchard. Order off the website, or by calling or texting 530-507-8222. Talk or text directly with the farmer, Brian Paddock, alternatively email  Please share this post with your friends.


Capay Hills Orchard is a small family farm growing the best raw almonds, raw almond butter and smoked almonds. Capay Hills Orchard is Veteran owned, Bee Friendly certified, and of-course Certified Organic using Regenerative farming practices.

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USDA Organic Certified Label
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