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"The Ultimate Guide to Buying Organic Unpasteurized Raw Almonds"

Updated: May 27

Buy the best unpasteruized raw almonds directly from the California farmer at Capay Hills Orchard. Order off the website, or by calling or texting 530-507-8222. Talk or text directly with the farmer, Brian Paddock Alternatively email Please share this post with your friends.

All Almonds in the stores and on most websites are pasteurized. If they are organic that means they are steam or heat treated which reduced many nutritional characteristics of a truly raw almond. Capay Hills Orchard almonds are NOT pasteruized.

USDA law allows Capay Hills Orchard to sell unpasteurized almonds because they grow them. We can sell truly raw almonds direct to the consumer.

Capay Hills Orchard is a small family farm growing the best raw almonds, raw almond butter and smoked almonds. Capay Hills Orchard is Veteran Owned, Bee Friendly certified, and of-course Certified Organic using Regenerative farming practices.

Unpasterized Raw Almonds
Young Almond in Development


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