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4lbs RAW almonds

4Lbs RAW Almonds


These almonds are truly raw, unpasteurized, sproutable, healthy and very tasty! All are Certified Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Paleo & Keto Friendly and processed in Peanut/Dairy/Soy-free facility. They are harvested in fall and perfectly stored to retain premium flavor. All orders are automatically filled with Nonpareil (most popular) unless noted* or requested otherwise. Other varieties are Monterey and Fritz. Price is same, mix and match ok. Call, email or text any requests for your order 530-507-8222.    

The differences between the almonds is often in the mouth of the beholder, so here are my opinions which may vary from someone else: 

Nonpareil: Most popular, sweetest, mellow flavor, light skin. Attractive looking, medium size. Does not do as well as Monterey and Fritz when cooked. 

Monterey: larger, darker skin, slightly less sweet, more almond flavor. Slightly more machine damage from shelling (nicks). A must for almond milk. We recommend 50% nonpareil and 50% Monterey when making almond milk. Can also be used in cooking. 

Fritz: Full flavor almond. Tastes like what you expect from an almond, more flavor, tiny bit less sweet than Nonpareil or Monterey. Fantastic nut. Smaller nut. Can also be used in cooking. 

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